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Frodex Tablet


Hamdard Bangladesh

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Frodex is a research product of Hamdard Laboratories and time tested aphrodisiac. Frodex is being used successfully to treat the patients of erectile dysfunction in different Hamdard clinics of the subcontinent for long time. It acts as nervine tonic and continuous use serves as a good general tonic.


Dosage and Administration

1 tablet twice daily to be taken with milk or as prescribed by the physician.


It is contraindicated for women and children.

Side effect

No significant side effect has been observed in proper dosage.


Keep out of reach of the children.


Store in cool and dry place, protect from light.


Box containing 20 tablets in alu-alu blister pack.

» Frodex combats erectile dysfunction.

» Frodex is an ideal aphrodisiac and nervine tonic.

» Frodex restores sex hormone and depleted sexual power.

» Frodex relieves limpness and weakness after coitus.

» Frodex enhances retentive power.

» Frodex tones up the vital organ of the body.

» Frodex removes mental depression.

» Its continuous use serves as a good general tonic.

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