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Menstrual Cup Reusable For Women Hygiene During Period Anytime Cup Brand:Anytime

Menstrual Cup


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  • [FDA CERTIFIED] icare menstrual cup is made of Medical Grade Silicone. FDA certificated. 100% BPA free, Latex Free, Dioxin Free. Reusable and safe. Softer material makes it very easy to open after insertion, flexible and comfortable, works great.
  • [LONGER STEM WITH RINGER DESIGN] Longer stem is good for easy removing and rotating, even if you have short fingers, and if the stem irritates the vaginal opening, you may trim the stem slightly, but no shorter than 1/4 of an inch. Soft rim makes you feel comfortable when you take it out, and easy to clean. ICARE menstrual cup fits your menstrual period better.
  • [PERFECT ALL LIFESTYLES] Running, swimming, dancing, doing yoga, climbing, you can do any exercise you like. Sitting, laying, sleeping for long time, without any worries. A period never hold your active or inactive lifestyle back again!
  • [PUBLIC USING] Wash your hands thoroughly before entering the washroom. Use either a dry or a damp tissue to clean the menstrual cup. Always remember to have some bottled drinking water with you to make cleansing convenient for yourself.
  • [SATICSFACTION GURANTEE] It is backed with 90 days replacement guarantee if anything goes wrong with the menstrual cup. 100% money back for any unsatisfied buyers.

Product description

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From the manufacturer

Icare cares for your health and safety. We are dedicated to provide women a healthy and refreshing way of menstrual period. The Icare Menstrual Cup will fit into your life, not the other way around.

From the product

Icare Menstrual Cup comes in two sizes: Small and Large

Small Menstrual Cup

Light to Normal Flow

Low to Medium Cervix Height

Great for Beginners

Well suited for women who do some kegel exercise regularly

Best for Pre-Pregnancy

Large Menstrual Cup

Heavy Flow

Higher Cervix Height

Rich Sexual Experience

Better Choice for Moms


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