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Hot Water BottleRibbed Duo 2Ltr

Hot Bag
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Product details of Hot Water Beg 2 Litter (12*7 Inches)

  • Made OF natural rubber.
  • Imported from China.
  • Retains heat for an extra long time.
  • Ribbed outer surface helps maintain liquid temperature.
  • Hot water bottle can be used alone as a remedy for aches, pains and sports injuries.
  • In addition to the traditional hot therapy, it can also double up as a cold compress for kids with fever or to reduce swelling for minor injuries.
  • Size : 12''(32cm) x 7''(19.4cm).
  • Heavy Duty Hot Water Bottle Bag.
  • Durable and Long lasting.Ribbed Outer Surface for Safer Skin Contact and Longer Heat Retaining.
  • Package includes one 2L hot water Beg.
  • Notice,because of the natural rubber material,there may be some odor on their first use,you can put it in water for hours to remove odors;we recommend not to touch skin directly after hot water is injected to avoid scalding,use it safely with suitable temperature.

EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH 56% RUBBER CONTENT far outperforms other hot water bottles that use chalk fillers or are made with vinyl and PVC. This hot water bottle is the real deal with genuine grade A natural rubber which means hot water stays hot longer. Also works as an excellent cold pack to reduce swelling and other maladies. We do not provide rubber hot water bottles which have a lower rubber content and are bulked out with chalk and other chemical fillers. These types of bottles are ineffective at retaining heat and wear out much quicker leading to leaking and bursting. This hot water bottle has a higher rubber content (56%) which has greater heat retention. That's why they're a little bit more pricey - but we've chosen a bottle that, with the right care and use will work safely for a longer period of time. NON-TOXIC (BPA & PHTHALATE FREE) MATERIALS designed in accordance with American health standards. This rubber hot water bottle is Eco-Friendly and UL Tested for safety and reliability. These divine Hot Water Bottles are covered in super soft, faux fur and each contains a real rubber water bottle. What could be more comfortable than snuggling up with this high quality, smooth hot water bottle on a chilly night?. If the smell of rubber bothers you, please be considerate of your purchase. At PETERPAN we understand that some consumers can find the smell of this product overpowering on initial use, this is because filling a bottle with heated water amplifies the smell and this can be unpleasant for some. Before use, fill the bottle with hot water. In well-ventilated area, allow the water in the bag to cool completely.



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