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Scalp Clean Shampoo100ml

Life Cell Corporation
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Alpha hydroxy acids 1%


Water, ammonium laureth sulphate, ammonium lauryl sulphate, glycol distearate, glycerine, cocamide MEA, Cetyl alcohol, fragrance,dimethicone, PEG-3, 1% Natural source of Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) from botanical extracts of which contains the following concentrations of AHAs:

  • Lactic acid 28-32%
  • Glycolic acid 12-17%
  • Citric acid2-6%
  • Malic acid 1% max.
  • Tartaric acid 1% max
  • Menthol 1%


Dandruff is another name for a condition called seborrheic dermatitis, or seborrhea, specifically seborrhea that occurs on the scalp. It is characterized by the development of pruritic, erythematous patches with easily detachable, greasy large scales. Dandruff causes flaky, white, or yellowish skin to form on the scalp and other oily parts of the body. The flakes associated with dandruff sometimes can be caused by conditions other than seborrhea, including:

  • Dry skin, such as the kind caused by cold, dry winter air
  • Other skin conditions like eczema, acne, or psoriasis that can cause dead skin cells to build up on the scalp
  • Shampooing too often or not often enough
  • Using hair-care products or hair dye that leave a dry, flaky residue or having a bad reaction to these products

Other indications are Tinea capitis, Trichorrhexisnodosa, Pediculosis capitis & Trichotillomania

a-Hydroxy acids, or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), are a class of chemical compounds that consist of a carboxylic acid substituted with a hydroxyl group on the adjacent carbon.They are often found in products that aid in the reduction of wrinkles as well as to soften strong, defining lines and improve the overall look and feel of the skin.


Chemically alpha hydroxy acids are alcoholic acids with variable-length carbon chains, with a COOH- and an OHgroup bound to their a-carbon atom. It includes lactic acid (C3H6O3) derived from fermented milk products, glycolic acid (C2H4O3) from sugarcane, citric acid (C6H8O7) from citrus fruits, malic acid (C4H6O5) from apples, tartaric acid (C4H6O6) from fermented grapes.


An important epidermal effect of AHAs is the increase of the water holding capacity along with an increase of scalp hydration and scalp turgor.Besides, AHAs induces desquamation, plasticization, and normalization of epidermal differentiation by interfering with intercellular ionic bonding, thereby reducing corneocyte cohesion (differentiated keratinocytes )and thus inducing keratolysis. The higher the concentration of the acid and the lower the pH of the product, the faster keratolysis is induced.

AHAs certainly penetrate the epidermal layers, provoking an increase in stratum corneum turnover. It is evidenced that increased cell proliferation and collagen production in response to glycolic acid in a dose-dependent manner, suggesting functional activation of fibroblasts. A possible mechanism of AHA molecular action has been proposed recently by other investigators using ex vivo human stratum corneum, the occurring exfoliation of the stratum corneum outermost layer (stratum disjunctum) and the observed enhanced desquamation did not disrupt the stratum corneum barrier structures. Rather, interestingly, they suggest that glycolic acid molecules target the stratum disjunctum desmosomes (deeper layer – stratum compactum – desmosomes found unaffected), leading to enhanced desmosomal breakdown and promoting loss of corneocyte cohesion and desquamation.Consequently, maintains blood circulation continuously.

AHA'sprevents hair loss by increasing thick hairs (>80 µm in diameter) and avoiding hairtangles. It helps in the maintenance of anagen phase of the hair follicles (anagen is the active growth phase of the hair follicles (90%), lasts from 2–8 years. The amount of time the hair follicle stays in this phase is genetically determined). This property provides anti-combing resistance to the hair, at the same time prevents rising of static charge, provides medication (antibacterial& anti-inflammatory) to the scalp and avoids roughness.The use of menthol as one of the active ingredient helps to moisturize the scalp and reduces itching.Therefore the combined effect helps to remove excess scalp sebum oil, dead skin cells and harmful chemicals that can cause scalp problems.


  • Paraben free
  • Reduces combing resistance after hair wash
  • Available in allthe leading medical stores in India
  • User can avoid using separate conditioners because it has property of anti-combing resistance


Apply on wet hair and use your fingers to spread the cleanser down till the ends and rinse thoroughly. For first timers, use the SCALP CLEAN shampoo alternatively with your current shampoo in the beginning to allow the hair and scalp to gradually recondition and rebalance itself.

This remedy is able to seal your hair cuticles to enhance its natural shine. It is suitable for all hair types.


SCALP CLEAN cleansing shampoo is available in 100mL pack.


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