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QQ Finger Small Condom Feel Better Than Wearing Nothing (Aloe Vera) Condom - 10's PackFeel Better Than Wearing Nothing Nourishing Aloe

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Finger condom QQ Nourishing Aloe (QQ Finger Condom - Nourishing Aloe )

Finger condom QQ  is made from natural rubber. It is a condom specifically for wearing on fingers. to use for finger fucking For female lovers Or you can make love to a woman with your fingers as well. QQ finger condoms from China, a famous fancy condom brand. with strange condoms A strange condom that truly meets the needs of young people. Beilile is the condom leader in the Chinese market. with high standard and bring modernity, novelty, imagination and customer needs Let's come together to make condoms a reality. Therefore, it is no surprise that Beilile is the top-selling condom in China . QQ finger condoms are manufactured with certified and inspected production standards. GB7544-2009/ISO4074:2002 international production standards certified 100% safety to users.

Why use a finger condom?

because of having a relationship in a group of lesbian women Can be infected with HIV or some sexually transmitted diseases as well as sexual intercourse between males and females, which can be transmitted through body secretions such as blood, semen, female vaginal mucus, lymph, milk and saliva (must be in large quantities only in liters).
  1. doing oral sex or making oral sex with another person's genitals In case the oral sex practitioner has a wound in the mouth or bleeding from the teeth And then coming into contact with the vaginal mucus of an HIV-positive person can cause infection.
  2. Using genitals to rub against each other In this case, there is a chance that the other party's slime will enter the other party's body. and can be directly infected
  3. Sharing sex toys In the event that sex toys are inserted into the genitals of the other party until the end of the job and then apply it to yourself As a result, the disease can be directly infected with the mucous membranes of the vulva as well as the second. Therefore, it is recommended that When using a sex toy, always put a condom on the sex toy before insertion. and when wanting to change the user, remove the original condom Clean and clean sex toys. and always change to use a new condom
  4. using fingers to make love is the most popular way because it's an easy way and the least risk of infection But there is still a risk of infection of the person whose finger was inserted anyway. Because our nails and fingers have a lot of bacteria. It may also cause scratches from fingernails. Can cause wounds and vaginal infections as well

So, the safest and best way to have sex with lesbians. Therefore, use a finger condom. which is considered one of the medical devices as well as condoms in general But it has been designed to be worn with fingers, especially to make it fit snug, not slipping. by using to wear any finger (recommended as middle or index finger) that you want to insert into the partner's genitals Then you can make love with your fingers as usual. It can also be safely used in conjunction with normal lubricating gel. 
Benefits of finger condoms
  • Finger condoms help prevent sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Finger condoms help prevent bacterial infection from fingers.
  • Finger gloves help prevent scratching from fingernails. prevent wounds that lead to infection
  • Finger rubber gloves reduce the impact from the fingertips. give a smoother stroke
  • Condoms contain lubricants to reduce irritation from friction.
  • Use condoms for good sexual hygiene. and more comfortable

Finger condom QQ Nurishing Aloe  Finger condom made from natural rubber, smooth surface type, suitable for fingers. Comes with an ultra-thinness of only 0.04 mm, providing a great touch for your lover  QQ Nourishing Aloe finger condom, a lubricating gel formula mixed with aloe vera extract. with properties that help increase softness, smoothness and moisture Reduce friction while inserting reduce irritation The most gentle with the vagina

"Make love with tenderness, choose QQ, green box"

how to use

  1. Carefully tear off the envelope with your finger.
  2. Check the finger condom to make sure the rolled side is outside. If the rolled side is inside, the condom is turned upside down. let you switch sides
  3. When correct, place the condom on the desired fingertip. Then use the other hand to gently slide the condom down to the bottom of the finger.
  4. After finished use Wrap used condoms completely in paper towels. And throw it in the trash, do not flush it down the toilet is strictly prohibited.


  • Check the condom expiration date on the box before each use.
  • Tear off the condom envelope along the serration along one edge. with caution
  • Fingernails or sharp objects May cause the condom to tear.
  • If lubricants are used Use a lubricant that can be used with the finger condom, such as a water-based lubricant.
  • Oil-based products, such as petroleum jelly, baby oil, and some vaginal suppositories Including topical drugs for external use on the genital area can deteriorate the rubber or torn If you are unsure of the medication you are using, consult your doctor or pharmacist.
  • If irritation occurs during use, stop using immediately. and clean the skin with clean water If symptoms persist, consult a doctor. Since natural rubber latex may cause allergic reactions in some cases.


  • individual finger condoms can be used once and discard immediately do not reuse
  • Should be stored in a cool dry place. not to be exposed to sunlight and fluorescent light


Interested in ordering a whole box,  click >>  finger condom, Aloe Vera formula, green box  ( 10 pieces, price 180 baht)

imported condoms
LOT: HS20811
EXP: 2027/07

product details

Brand: Beilile Finger condom QQ
Model: Nourishing Aloe
Features:    Thin finger condom Add Aloe Vera Lubricant Extra moisturizing
Texture: Smooth surface 
Lubricant:     Self-lubricated (Level 2: Add a little lubricant)
Support dimensions: 15 ( +  5) mm  (circumference)
, thickness: 0.04 mm,
Shape: parallel walls. Tip of the tube
Color:                    translucent  , uncolored 
Odor : unscented
Package: 1 piece (sold separately)
Manufactured by:         Beilile

(Manufactured according to international standards  ISO4074: 2002   , every piece has been successfully tested by electronic instruments)

finger condom

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