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Nasal Aspirator(Cure)

Nasal Aspirator
Surgical Kit
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Directions for use

Wash before first use

2 Test for leakage

Squeeze the body of the device and then block the tip of the nozzle with your finger The body must not expand until the tip is unblocked.

3 Clearing secretion from nostrils. a)Squeeze the body of the device and

place the tip of the nozzle against the end of the baby's nostril (not inside).

b)Suck the mucus/secretion through the nozzle The congestion will collect hygienically into the body

c)Squeeze out and repeat as necessary NEVER squeeze and blow air into the nostril If needed, use on the mouth before the nostrils.

4. Cleaning Open the device and wash in soapy water Flush in clean water and boil for

10 minutes or autoclave at 136°C and 2.0kg/cm2 for 10-20min. Dry completely and keep clean.

Nasal Aspirator

This device is for removing secretions from the nose and mouth of newborns and children. It can also be used as an irrigating syringe. It is easy to use It is easy to clean. It can be re-used.


Store in a dry covered container Do not leave in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

A Warning

Never push nozzle into baby's nostril. Make sure you clean after using as suction and before using for irrigation even on the same person. If used by more than one child, the device should be sterilized between children, or each child could have their own device For optimum function, the device should be replaced after six months.

This is not a toy Keep out of the reach of children.

Technical Specifications

Suction strength (typical) 100mmHg Operating temperature

room temperature

Storage temperature 20-120"

Material Silicone Fluid Capacity 15ml

Made in China


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