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Protimeal Albumen Enriched With Egg Albumin, Vitamin & MineralsVanilla Flavor

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-- We Believe in Nutrition, Not in Delish! --


There was a proverb - “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”
Eating intelligently signifies that our daily diet must be nutritionally balanced. We are here to support you to have a balanced national diet for critically ill, Burn & Trauma patient with our exclusive brand ‘Protimeal Albumen’. In your day-to-day life Protimeal Albumen can serve you in several ways.
High Protien: Protimeal Albumen contains enough level of protein that helps to boost our metabolism. It also supports in faster recovery.
High Nitrogen: Protimeal Albumen is high in Nitrogen content that helps in tissue repair.
Morning: With breakfast ensure your body doesn’t attack your muscle call as fuel perform a good metabolism. Balance your daily nutritional need
Night: Before sleep, aid in sound sleep and maintain the nutritional requirement of the body while sleep.
With meal: Extra protein will minimize cell damage & catalysis muscle regeneration. Helps to gain weight
Replace with meal: Calculative protein & carbohydrate intake. Helps to weight loss without hampering the digestive system. 
Illness & Pre & Post-surgery, During Medication:  Calculative nutritional intake. As most of the drug is protein bound, Aid in recovery enhanced immunity. Restored strength in body.
Unconscious patients: Allow tube feed for unconscious patients to fulfill the nutritional requirement.




Why Protimeal Albumen?
Protimeal Albumen is a nutritional diet which is solely dedicated for critically ill, Burn & Trauma patient patients. It has the balance nutritional diet by which a patient who is suffering from lack of Serum Albumen, can fulfill his/her nutritional requirements without any difficulties.
Is there any side effect of Protimeal Albumen?
According to guidelines from A.S.P.E.N & E.S.P.E.N, Protimeal is designed with appropriate quantity of food nutrients (Egg Albumen, Protein, Carbs, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes) for critically ill patients. There is no risk of any undesirable effect if used with instructions.
How to intake Protimeal Albumen?
Orally, enterally (for unstable and medically admitted patients)
Is it suitable for regular use?
No. It is preferable for patient who are suffering from lack of albumen.


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