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Bunion Splint Tynor Uni (K-14)Size-Uni

Bunion Splint
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About the product

Tynor Bunion Splint is designed to correct the Hallux Valgus deformity of the big toe. On wearing, the toe is stretched in an overcorrected position, leading to elongation of soft tissues around the big toe, the mal-positioning is corrected over time. The device can also be worn as post - operative aid after bunion surgery to stabilize the corrected alignment. Dynamic hinge action keeps the foot flexible, so can be worn during walking. It is good, both as a day or night splint. Provides pain relief, protection and correction of toes.


Product Description


Tynor Bunion Splint is designed to treat Hallux Valgus deformities of the big toe. The toes are stretched in an overcorrected position when they are worn, resulting in elongation of the soft tissues around them. Over time, the mal-positioning is corrected. It can also be used for stabilizing the corrected alignment after bunion surgery. Due to the dynamic hinge action, the foot remains flexible during walking. Whether you are wearing it during the day or at night, it is effective. Protects the toes, relieves pain, and corrects them.


The splint is anatomically contoured, rigid, and robust. It is molded from strong, high-quality polymer.

Ergonomically designed, it is light in weight, has a very thin construction, and can be worn with shoes. Useful, both as a day & night device. Easy to clean and maintain. One size fits almost all sizes.

High-quality tapes and fasteners are designed for prolonged use. They are soft to touch and feel and easy to wear and remove.

3D Cushion Pad is molded from high-quality polyethylene foam. It is washable and highly ventilated. It provides good cushioning and enhanced comfort.

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